Imagine going to school in fear of your teacher… so many young Nepali girls face harassment from their male teachers on a regular basis. Ayusha who studies in year 8 is one such girl, but instead of allowing this abuse to hinder her, she boldly shared with her friends in one of their girls’ empowerment meetings. The club, ‘Girl’s Choice Foundation’ as they call themselves, challenged each other to discuss the matter with their parents. The parents, however, did not want to talk about it. They also tried to complain to the headmaster, but this proved difficult and slow. So the girls decided to take action and rearrange the class seating with boys in the front and girls away from the teacher. 

The girls are proud to have found their own solution to this problem. Ayusha now attends class with confidence!  Our Global Family team have trained this club and many others in Nepal to use our ‘Bhitri Sundarta’ curriculum to empower young girls, help them realize their potential, and build communities of support. 

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