Act of Kindness!

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, I was at Sears buying some of the remaining items we need for the Kern County Daughter Project Shelter. Firstly, the people at Sears gave me a discount when they heard what it was for. Thank you! Then, the couple behind me in line asked what all the items were for. When I told them we are opening a shelter for young girls who have been trafficked and abused, the man began to tear up and the woman handed me her credit card saying she wanted to pay $100 of the $417 bill. This couple, complete strangers, immediately wanted to help when they heard about the injustices these girls experience and how we will be caring for them. Wow. 

I am asking all of you to do the same and help with the $317 remainder. You can give right now at and choose the local shelter or mail a check to:

Global Family
P.O. Box 13160
Bakersfield, CA 93389 

Thank you!

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