Since the earthquakes last April, life has been difficult in Nepal. The region of Nuwakot was especially devastated, but things have been particularly challenging for one family… Chakra, his wife, Hira, and their 5 children. Though Chakra did not own his own land or house, he happily worked in others’ fields. He was not always able to provide enough food, but they were happy to live together as a family.

Sadly, Chakra passed away, and the meager livelihood that he provided was gone. Hira did not know what to do, fearing for her children living so far away from the village. Suren Rasaily, our Lead Coordinator in Nepal, had developed relationships with the community over the last several years so he formed a community dialogue to address Hira’s situation as he had learned the children would be sent away. Suren, the school headmaster, church leader, and community leader met and decided the community could use its own ‘assets’ to help Hira move closer to the village and keep her children at home. A small piece of land, building materials, and volunteer labor were quickly rallied for Hira and the children who were quickly moved into their new home. In addition, the children were given scholarships for their exams and other school fees. 

Communities creating their own solutions using local assets… this is success. Please see our new platform,, to learn more about local heroes strengthening their communities. 

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