James is a 12 year old boy from Bhaktapur, Nepal. He attends one of our boys’ empowerment clubs. Yes, we now have clubs for boys! 

“James is good in studies but he never intended to take his responsibilities at home… he thought only females does household work. He did not obey mother and sister too. Most of the times he was in television at home. When he attended the ‘Girls equal boys’ meeting his attitude were changed. He learnt to respect girls and share responsibilities. In one of the club meeting he reported that now he is helping sister and mother at household work. His mother also reported that James is changed at home.” Global Family team member

“I love helping sister to fetch water from well and cut vegetables in the kitchen,”  says James. Boys are a BIG part of the Daughter Project. It costs $337 for a club kit… teaching and activity supplies for a whole year. Give between $10 and $337 and empower boys to respect girlshttps://directgood.org/inner-strength-boys-club/

Thank you for being a part of Global Family.

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