Busy Summer for our Shelter in Delhi

‘Summer break’ has no meaning for our team in Delhi, India. Our shelter has been at full capacity taking in girls rescued by the police, caring for them, advocating upon their behalf with the court, and restoring them back with their families.

10 year old Annu was recently brought in, a victim of systematic abuse at home. Sushmi, 16, was recently restored with her parents after being forced to work for employers in a city far away from her home. We were able to recover IR 1,54,245 ($2334 USD) from the employer to give back to Sushmi and her family. These are just two examples of daughters who have been entrusted to our care this summer. Each one is treated with the love and care of our dedicated team and restored back home as quickly as possible.

Please partner with us for daughters who are as precious to God as our own. You can make a one time donation or join our ‘Just 10’ campaign to give $10/month… 100% of your donation will be used to protect and care for at risk girls around the world.

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