Providing relief in the form of food, temporary shelter, and reconstruction are tangible ways that we have been able to, and will continue to, help the people of Nepal in the aftermath of the recent earthquakes. Just as important, however, is the task of creating safe spaces for children and increased child protection activities. Times of crisis create opportunities for traffickers to prey upon devastated families and disrupted daily routines.

Sunita is a 13 year old girl from Nuwakot. Her family lost their home and food supplies in the recent devastation. Getting by on a daily basis has been very difficult, her family has been living in a field with many others surviving on very little. A man approached Sunita’s father, claiming he was a former policeman. Due to their desperate circumstances, the father agreed to give his daughter to the man in marriage… hoping that she would be taken care of. But before Sunita left the area, the leader of a local church Daughter Project club intercepted Sunita and began to ask questions. Seeing that the girl was in distress, he inquired about the man and came to know his real intentions. Sunita was restored back with her family.

We are thrilled to report the happy ending to this family’s story. Our team will be working extra hard in areas such as Nuwakot to add more layers of protection around vulnerable children and families.

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