About Us


To preserve the family and protect at risk children with the assistance of local community organizations, volunteer caregivers, and donors.


To help as many children as possible who are victims of poverty, exploitation, and abuse by modeling and sharing principled methods that represent the best possible outcome.

Our Story


A Passion for Children - After spending 3 months in India, where Clard meets Mother Teresa and coaches slum children to play basketball, he is inspirred to a future of helping children in poverty. I share this passion and, together, we make a commitment to dedicate our lives to service.


The Work Begins - We begin working with at risk children and families in Kern County, California. In partnership with Teen CHallenge and local churches, we launch "Kids Clubs", community outreach, and drug awareness programs.


The Organization is Formed - Along with our two small children, we move to the Himalayas of North India to pursue our passion for children in need. While on a trek to the highest village in the world, Clark is surprised by the community's request to take home an abandoned boy who had been sold by his parents. We spend the next several years developing a family based approach to care for orphaned, abandoned, and abused children. In 2007, we registered Global Family Care Network as a 501(c)3 around the central value that every child deserves a family.


The Approach is Expanded - After 8 years in India, we move to Kathmandu, Nepal and hear about the thousands of young Nepali girls taken from their villages and enslaved in Indian brothels. Exposure to the horrors of sex trafficking motivates us to broaden our approach beyond after care to include prevention and intervention efforts. Compelled by the value that each girl is as precious to God as our own daughter, we launch the Daughter Project to encompass community strengthening and girls' empowerment programs, intervention shelters to restore girls with their families, and outreach to young ladies working in the brothels including counseling and training in positive employment.


Multiplying Our Best Practices - The impressive outcomes of the Daughter Project motivate us to multiply our efforts in new areas. We launch the Direct Good platform to empower local community heroes that share our victim centered values. Our goal is to provide them with funding and tools required to protect children and preserve families while giving them the freedom to imagine and govern their projects according to their own context. Currently, we are expanding our models into multiple countries by recruiting and training Direct Good network entrepreneurs and facilitators that volunteer globally to multiply the best practices of Global Family and the Daughter Project.



  • Jennifer Jensen | Founder & Executive Director
  • Clark Jensen | Founder & CVO
  • Will Humphrey | Director of Finance
  • Jonathan Daniels | Head of Programs
  • Vincent Bernard | Lead Coordinator, India
  • Suren Rasaily | Lead Coordinator, Nepal
  • Rocky Dneeh | Lead Coordinator, Myanmar
  • Cathy Tollefson | Lead Coordinator, Canada
  • Kathy Porter | Network Entrepreneur, El Salvador
  • Jenna Hudlow | Regional Coordinator, Thailand


  • Terry Hearron | Advanced Distribution
  • Don Kuhns | Andreini & Company
  • Fiore Londino | Pareto Consulting
  • Tom McIntosh | LeBeau-Thelen
  • Dan Panero | Varner Bros. Inc.
  • Doug Pierce | Pierce Accountancy Corp.
  • Dean Haddock | Community Counseling and Psychological Services


The government requires that non-profit corporations distinguish between program funds and supportive funds. Program funds are directly related to services rendered. Administration / supportive funds include fundraising and overall administration. Global Family is pleased to report that 80% of our funds are given directly to protect children and preserve families. Our executive salaries are set within 25% of the median household income respectively.

Funraising Expenses$35,426Management and GeneralExpenses $98,204Program Service Expenses$592,403$98,204.00$592,403.00
Funraising Expenses $35,426$35,426.00
Management and General Expenses $98,204$98,204.00
Program Service Expenses $592,403$592,403.00


  • Varner Bros., Inc.
  • The Centennial Group, Inc.
  • Allison Park Church
  • PLCs Plus International, Inc.
  • Advanced Distribution Co.
  • Blackhole Technologies
  • T. Rowe Price Program
  • Dignity Health
  • Capital Group Co.
  • Keypoint Church
  • Christian Life Assembly
  • Citylife Church
  • San Joaquin Community Hospital
  • Dan & Sally Panero
  • Randy & Deloris Steinert
  • Greg & Martel Marchand
  • Terry & Jerri Hearron
  • Kip & Debbie Hearron
  • Benefit Bakersfield Foundation
  • Tom & Lisa McIntosh
  • John Spurrell
  • Ira & Carol Cohen
  • Holly Lazzerini
  • Todd & Sasha Windes
  • Debbie Hull
  • Fiore & Maureen Londino
  • Dennis & Terry Thelen
  • Sal & Cynthia Giumarra
  • Mario & Kay Mangone
  • Ted & Sharon Pierce
  • Dr. Donald & Edna Cornforth
  • Tom & Barbara Crear
  • Lehang Ngo
  • Paul & Carlene Seppala