Christina Raimajhi was living a pretty normal life in the small city of Kathmandu along with her mother. Her father had been working abroad in Malaysia for the past 6 years. But other than that, things were pretty normal. 

Until her mother started to make some poor choices. 

With her father sending money to the family from his job abroad, Christina came to find out that her mother was not using the money to support their small family. Instead she was using it to aid an affair with another man, to party at nightclubs, and to get drunk. 

These acts ended up leading to an abusive relationship with Christina, and an unhealthy home environment. 

After some time, friends and grandparents began to notice the absence of little Christina and began to worry. 

Some years later, her mother was found guilty of polygamy and sentenced to 3 years in prison. 

Thankfully Christina was rescued by local police and was given into the caring hands of a Global Family shelter home. She began counseling and found restoration.

Christina’s father wanted to put her into a children’s home which was the easy approach for care in Nepal. But Global Family pressed to keep Christina in the family, and were able to get connected with her uncle’s family for her to begin a new life. 

In July 2019, Christna was reunited with her extended family and admitted into 6th grade that school year. Even though she was a bit behind in her studies, her new siblings were a great help. Christina said “it’s such a great joy to be a part of a family.” 

Christina is happier than she ever has been before, and has hopes one day to be a social worker.