It’s the early morning, volunteers line up outside of the main hall, patiently waiting for the 70 plus girls that will be staying with them for the week. 

As the welcome signs float in the January breeze and the vans come into view down the road, a new bubble of excitement burst – it’s time for camp!

Girl Clubs from all different communities of El Slavador have traveled miles just for this week, and volunteers have prepared for months. “We Are The Light” was going to be the highlight of their year. 

While the girls jumped out of the vans and suitcases were gathered, one could almost hear the level of happiness among the campsite. 

The week went on better than anyone could have hoped. The girls attending spent the week jumping in the pool, playing, doing crafts, singing, and above all, learning about Jesus. 

The 20 plus volunteers shared about God, His love for them, the gifts of the Holy Spirit – and how they all could apply it to their lives. So many girls left changed after that week, all because of camp.