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Protecting Children

We encourage local community organizations to find solutions using their own assets to protect children from exploitation and abuse.

Preserving Families

A strong family is our most effective tool of protection and prevention. Preserving the family unit is crucial for the safety of children and the wellbeing of the community.

Why Family Care?

Every child deserves a family. Where biological family support is not possible, long-term alternative care for at-risk and abandoned children is best practiced within the family, not an institution. Our model is supported by numerous studies indicating that family care provides the best possible outcomes for children with respect to their psychological development and social and economic success.

Family Care is More Effective Than Institutionalization

The best possible outcome for children who have lost family support is to be placed in a stable, loving family where they can learn and mature in a safe environment. Studies show that family care allows a child to develop long-term affectionate relationships and grow in a setting that promotes overall wellbeing as he/she matures into adulthood. In contrast, children who are placed in institutional care have been shown to display a number of social dysfunctions and struggle financially. Our core value is that each child is as precious to God as our own... family care programs reflect this value by offering the best possible approach.

Alternative Care Has Not Been Practiced Correctly in the Past

The institutionalization of children, especially children whose families are able to care for them, is harmful to their long-term development. Furthermore, it promotes a dangerous trend in source countries and regions of child trafficking where parents believe it is acceptable to send children away for better opportunities. Studies show that even when parents are divorced or struggle in economically lacking situations, children have better long-term outcomes when raised by their own parent(s). A child should only be separated from family support in extreme circumstances.